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I don't really want to leave LJ, so why do they have to suck so damn hard. My favorite comms are threatening to mass-exodus over to DW because LJ now has a shitty friends page, and can't seem to keep their service up and running for more than a day at a time, if that. So I am trying to get my shit together over here at DW, in the event I actually have to make the leap.

My primary home is still on LJ, but I will be crossposting a lot of my stuff over here on DW.
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Please refer to the LJ homepage for some serious backpedaling.

Nothing like an internet crisis to amuse you before work.

And I owe Sandy a plate of cookies for doing my last MAR for me. Yay! Now I don't have to go in an hour early.
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Warriors for Innocence?
I saw their website and nearly fell off my chair laughing. These are the people that has LJ all in a tizzy? Oh, please. They're losers who can't do anything constructive in the real world, so they're running around the internet poking people with sticks and kicking over their sandcastles. And this makes you a "Warrior?"
Quote: "We are the only thing that stands between evil and the innocent."
Ego much?
I have a job where I take care of sick and dying old people. What have you done that actually helps real people? Show me one person your self-righteous posturing has helped? Please? I really want to see one. Bring it on.
I'm still waiting ...


May. 30th, 2007 11:11 am
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Fuck you, LJ.
Why don't you put your energy into improving your service instead of policing fandoms you know nothing about.
Apparently no one ever informed you that the internet is not REAL LIFE.
You assholes.

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