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boldly glomping where no fangirl has glomped before

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Birthdate:Sep 24

AkaiNagi is a nurse and rabid fangirl living on the North Shore of Massachusetts.
At 32 years-old, she still squees at the drop of a hat, and still capers and caterwauls randomly across the internet.
She proudly 'ships an obscene number of fandoms, both het and slash, yaoi and yuri,
and pretty much everything in between. She also likes to refer to herself in the third person,
which annoys the shit out of everyone around her.

Yaoi fanfic
Yaoi fanart
Yaoi. Period.
Anime and anime music
Web design
Scifi geeks
My dogs
The nursing home cat
People who hit the comment button
People who correct my Japanese
People who IM me
Sexy Androids and the Security Chiefs who boff them
Sexy Librarians and the Slayers who boff them
Sexy Vulcans and the Captains who boff them
Sexy Captains and the CMO's who boff them
Constructive criticism

Stuck-up day shift nurses
Bad stethescopes
Egotistical people
Irregular verbs
Narrow-minded dipshits who won't mind their own business
The nursing home cat
Twenty-stroke Kanji
Willful ignorance

RL Authors:
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Stephen King, Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, Hunter S. Thompson

Pablo Neruda, Rumi, Edgar Lee Maters, The Man'yoshu

Yuki Shimizu, Kazuya Minekura, Fumi Yoshinaga, Kouga Yun, Youka Nitta,Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Kazuma Kodaka

Katakurike no Kofuku (Happiness of the Katakuris), Slapshot, Tokyo Godfathers, Alice in Wonderland 2010, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, All the Star Treks, Anything with Paul Newman, City of Lost Children, Grave of the Fireflies

Evangelion, Ranma, Mirage of Blaze, Paranoia Agent, Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kyou Kara Maoh, Bleach, Mariasama ga Miteiru, Clannad, Saikano, Axis Powers Hetalia and way way way more.

Saikano, Gravitation, Love Mode, Kizuna, Haru wo Daiteita, Wild Adapter, Earthian, Gerard & Jacques, Antique Bakery, Evangelion, Loveless, Bambi Takada doujin

Fatal Frame Series, Silent Hill Series, Persona Series, Final Fantasy (all), The Longest Journey, Sanitarium

David Bowie, Sigur Rós, Johnny Cash, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Yoko Kanno, Chihiro Onitsuka, Amano Tsukiko, System of a Down, UVERworld, Lamb, Switchfoot, Coldplay, Jimmy Buffett, Nobuo Uematsu, Akira Yamaoka, Fleetwood Mac, Mumford & Sons, Cosmo, Fiona Apple, Deadmau5, Paramore, Rip Slyme

TV Shows:
Doctor Who (Classic and New), Star Trek (AOS, TOS, TNG and Voyager), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Adventures of Sinbad, Power Rangers, Tin Man, Alice 2009

Ninth Doctor/Rose, Data/Tasha, Buffy/Giles, Roy/Ed, Naoe/Kagetora, Yuuri/Wolfram, Billy/Trini, Ichigo/Ishida, Spirk, Kirk/McCoy, Alice/Tarrant (Burton), DG/Glitch, Alice/Hatter (SyFy), Kurogane/Fai, Germany/Italy

Some of my favourite fanfic authors:
[identity profile] - Buffy/Giles (BtVS)
[identity profile] - Buffy/Giles (BtVS)
[identity profile] - 9/Rose (Doctor Who)
[identity profile] - Roy/Ed (FMA)
[identity profile] - Roy/Ed (FMA)
sky_dark - Roy/Ed (FMA)
[identity profile] - Alice/Hatter (SyFy Alice)
canis_takahari - Kirk/McCoy (Trek AOS)
ceres_libera - Kirk/McCoy (Trek AOS)

See my Resource Post for graphic (i.e. PS brushes/masks/textures/headers/layouts)credits.

Image hosted by
RoyxEd is Hot Doujin Smex Love

Image hosted by
Mirage of Blaze is Hate Love

Data/Tasha is fully-functional Love

Image hosted by
BuffyxGiles is Love at First Sight

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