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Back in Berlin for the weekend, collecting some more of my stuff, including The Computer. Life just hasn't been the same without it. I've gone into fanfic withdrawal.

Berlin is just as depressing as it always was, and my mother is just as overbearing. The difference is that this time I'm just visiting.

And I get to see my friend Darci, which is very cool.
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Since it's been 40-50 degrees all week, I have to assume summer is officially over in this craphole town I live in. So I'm chasing the warmth down to MA for a few days. Going camping. Too expensive to stay in a hotel this time of year. Because, of course, it's still summer everywhere else but fucking here.
Here comes 6+ months of snow ...
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... I meant 30 inches.

Um ...

Feb. 14th, 2007 07:55 am
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... make that 24 inches of snow.
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Good yaoi manga I've been reading lately:

Oooooooh, I love this one. Emotional to the point of toxicity, but that's what I like. The fourth (and last) book comes out this month. I can't wait to see how they resolve all this angst. It features a doctor-patient realtionship between two emotionally f***ed-up men.

Haru wo Daiteita a.k.a. Embracing Love
Youka Nitta is a freaking GOD. I love the way she draws men. Totally beautiful without being femme. I have her artbook Kiss of Fire, which was so sublime I nearly ruined it with drool. Her sex scenes are pretty detailed, which can often be a turn off for me. From her though, I eat it up. And I marvel over the fact that a story featuring two porn stars can be so emotionally involving.

Same Cell Organism
High-school-boys-in-love and the like. The stories are cute without being corny and I really like the artwork. The story about the angel is a little strange, though.

Another one where I quite enjoyed the the artwork. The plot seemed a little shallow to me, but it was involved enough for me to enjoy it. I have a soft spot for the emotionally insecure uke, Nana.

I love the comic flavor to this one. I'm not necessarily in love with the way it's drawn, and it not as emotional as most of my truly favorite manga, but it's very enjoyable. I like relationships with some lead time, and this one has about six volumes of buildup before Dee and Ryo finally do the deed.

I'm also following Il Gatto Sul G and La Esperanca. And Loveless, of course. I'm looking forwart to reading Lovely Sick when it comes out in America. I'm also looking to get my hands on Yellow and Gorgeous Karat as well when I go down to Boston this weekend.

I saw one of the Viewfinder series on sale the other day and immediately thought of [livejournal.com profile] 4everinblujeans ^__^

On a totally different note, we're supposed to get slammed with 15 inches of now and 30mph winds tomorrow. *heads off to the fridge to make sure she has enough beer to last for two days*
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I am afraid of this neigborhood and everyone in it.
One of our redneck neighbors just threatened to beat the shit out of my mother.
So far they have egged our house, tossed trash on to our lawn, thrown slices of pizza at our front door, and most recently keyed my car.
And the cops in this town can't do anything.
I don't know if I can last through the winter here.
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I have discovered that working 40 hours a week on the 11-7 shift feels like you're actually working 80.

I have discovered that in this town, you better not say the dead moose on the front page of the newspaper is "disgusting" because you will have five or six hunting nuts jump down your throat about how it's their constitutional right to gun down each and every one of God's creatures with a automatic weapon.

I have disovered that elder abuse does indeed exist, and I am living next to it.

I have discovered someone who sucks at billiards as much as I do.

I have discovered that some nurses are about a warm and caring as a pit bull with rabies.

I have discovered that there are doctors in the North Country who apparently obtained their medical license from a Cracker Jack box.

And I have discovered that althought there are many things I can do without, sleep is not one of them.
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What shitty weather. We are supposed to be celebrating graduation with a big barbecue outside at the tech, but it has been raining for a week and a half straight. And it doesn't look like it's gonna let up anytime soon. I know it's under a tent, but the turnout sucks and it's just not as fun.
I played the Gakuen Heaven game this past week, and even though I couldn't really inderstand it well d/t my pathetic grasp of kanji, I managed to get the Kazuki/Keita smutty ending on the second run-through. Go me. I love GH and its cute boys.
I also watched the bootleg of the Silent Hill movie I got off of bittorrent. It was good in parts (like the fact that I could totally femslash Rose and Cybil) and the effects were great. But the dialogue was clunky, the child playing Sharon was not a very good pick, and I could have actually done with LESS explanation. And I thought the plot could have been better. It was enjoyable, though, I guess.
Whoops. Gotta go. Having some pics taken.
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Dude, it is so fucking cold out.
My day:
Clinical was good. Emergency Department. Very interesing. Lots to do. IV piggybacks, IM injections, femcaths, triages, discharges.
So, I'm in the carpool back from clinical at a hospital a couple towns over and all of a sudden the landscape just turns WHITE. And I'm thinking to myself 'It better not be doing this in Berlin, It better not be doing this in Berlin, it better not be doing this in Berlin.' Because I know that I'll never get Walter up the hill to our house without his winter tires on.
And what the fuck do you know, it's snowing like a sumbitch in Berlin. Wet, sleety crap. I get just in front of my house, and Walter decides that, nope, he doesn't feel like going any further. So I sit there in the middle of the road, spinning my wheels for like five munutes (with my trashy neighbors having a good laugh), then finally I get out and shovel a path from my driveway to the middle of the road where Walter is sitting and mocking me. Then I get him in the driveway. And I managed not to slide into the ravine next to our house. Go me.
And are they gonna plow it tonight? No.
Are they gonna plow it tomorrow morning so I can get to my exam at 8am? Probably not.
I'll by dipped in shit if they plow it before New Year's.
This town sucks in the winter.

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