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I need a little more fun in my life. That is why FUCK YEAH HAND PUPPETS!

I love these guys, first for their music and then for their distinct lack of shame. I need Fu-chan to DJ my life.

Why do I need more fun in my life? Well, work is (lots and lots) of work. Other than that ... well, I'm trying to cut down on the amount of whining and bitching I do because it just makes me feel worse and doesn't do anyone any good. So 'nuff said. I have a therapist for that, I don't need to bother my f-list with it.

Hope everyone's [insert holiday of choice] season is going well fucking awesome.
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I can't believe I spent that much money in one day. Wow.

I bought:
- Seven new bras, two pair of jeans and a shirt, all on sale from Lane Bryant
- The new Loveless, Iono-Sama no Fanatics and two Fumi Yoshinaga manga (love her!)
- Season 4 box of Naruto (Hey, everyone's allowed a guilty pleasure)
- DVD of Hairspray (Yay John Waters), and a horor movie named Reincarnation
- The Game of the Year Edition of The Longest Journey & Dreamfall (Loved TLJ, have my doubts about Dreamfall (no Cortez). It'll be nice to have TLJ on a DVD instead of 4 CDs though)
- Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil 2, SMT: Devil Summoner and SMT Persona3
- Echo Night Beyond (Ghosts ... in ... Space!!!!!)
- 5 bottles of Ramune for export back to Berlin

The nice thing about my job is that I can work two extra days and all of that stuff will be payed for with change left over. I'm off to watch Hairspray ...


Jun. 7th, 2007 06:59 pm
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I heart Satoshi Kon so fucking much it hurts:


Dec. 8th, 2006 05:17 pm
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I'm so psyched.
I'm finally getting off the night shift.
I'm so happy I could plotz myself.
I can sleep again, I can have a social life again, I can start enjoying my life again. I've had to put everything in my life on hold for the last month because I have spent all my time either working, or unsuccessfully trying to sleep.
There is light at the end of the tunnel.

MoB Love

Oct. 9th, 2006 08:31 am
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Watching Mirage of Blaze is like watching a sublimely beautiful train wreck. You watch with horror as the characters flay each other raw emotionally, and even thought you know what's going to happen (because you've watched the episodes a dozen times) you still can't help but sit there and watch in denial. GOD this series is so good. It makes me want to learn kanji faster so I can read the novels.

Why the sudden rumination on MoB? While I was in Concord, I came across a store that was selling the complete MoB TV on DVD for $19.99. I just about plotzed myself. I felt like walking up to the guy at the counter, shaking him real hard and bellowing, "HOW CAN YOU BE SELLING SOMETHING SO WONDERFULLY AND BEATIFULLY FANTASTICAL FOR ONLY 20 BUCKS!!!"

But I didn't. I kept my fool fangirl mouth shut and now I am the proud owner of the MoB Perfect Set for less than $20 (gotta love NH and it's no sales tax).

I can only assume that such a fortuitous event is the result of really good Karma on my part.


Oct. 7th, 2006 01:25 pm
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I love days off. They're better than Christmas. Because, as a nurse, I usually work Christmas.

Here's why I love days off so much:
1. Booze! I can drink without worrying about going to work at 11pm
2. Going out of town! I can get the hell out of this podunk for the day w/o worrying about getting back home to sleep.
3. Friends! I can actually have a social life!
4. Shopping! I can enjoy spending some of the money I've been working like a dog to earn.

I plan on copiously indulging in the above items 1-4 today. Some of them multiple times.

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... are "License Status: Active."
There will be much partying in the town of Berlin tonight.

Laurel, Registered Nurse
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Outfit for graduation party: $42
Card for fellow grad holding graduation party: $3.99
Booze from the hotel bar: $13
Store-bought booze that you snuck past the bartender: $7.99
Hotel room because you were too drunk to drive home: $63
Getting shitfaced and dancing all night with your buds: PRICELESS


May. 19th, 2006 08:10 am
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My boss came in at 11PM to work last night just as we were coming on and presented my with this huge, totally yummy, totally chocolate cake with little candy graduation hats all over it and a big flag sticking out that says "You made it!!" I damn near cried. And it wasn't even her night to work!! She came in on her night off to give it to me! That is so cool. *sniffle*

We had the pinning on Wednesday and my favorite instructor, the one who I had pin me) gave me a card. When I opened it up, 25 bucks fell out! That time I really did cry. And she wouldn't even let me buy her a drink! *sniffle again*

So we all officially graduate tonight, and there's tons of parties I can't go to because I have to babysit my uncle and make sure he and my mom don't rip each other apart. Oh well. I get to go to Kim's big party at the Town & Country on Saturday. And I'm hoping to sneak out long enough to put in an appearance at ****'s surprise party tonight.
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I just wanted to tell the world at large that I passed my exam this week with a 90%.

Not only that, I managed to survive two days of clinical, did my first blood transfusion, my first central line dressing change and pushed/hung more IV meds than I could shake a stick at.

So tommorrow I may go back to being shit, but for today, I am THE shit.
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Happy Holidays.

Hope you get lots of (good) pressies and manage not to kill your annoying family members.

Or maybe I'm the only one with that last problem.


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