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Hope all my peeps in the U.S. are having a bangin' Memorial Day weekend.

So today I am holed up inside, trying to avoid cleaning by staring at word documents and waiting for inspiration to strike. I am legit the slowest writer on the planet, as anyone who follows any of my fics can tell you. There have been so many times I have been tempted to just quit writing, but my latest fic is up to 22k 24k, and after that much work I'll be dipped in shit if I gave up now.

So I pounded out about 2k of porn yesterday, which is actually really good for me, so I should be feeling kinda good, but instead I'm in a funk.

We had our DPH survey at work a couple of weeks ago, and it didn't go too badly. My unit actually did very well. So now we can just get on with the business of running a nursing home without worrying about the big bad wolf coming and blowing our house in. Again, I should be feeling good.

The Bruins are going to the Eastern Conference Finals again, which is awesome, but makes me a little melancholic. My dad would have loved to see them wipe the ice with New York like they did last round. I still miss him and it's been ten years.

It's weird. I'm not actually depressed per se. It's just kind of a "bleh" attitude that comes from holing my antisocial ass inside all weekend and not having much human interaction.

All I can do is plow on, I guess. Beats the alternative.
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Ack! Another mock survey. The hippies were right: corporations are evil. Or was that the green party? I can never remember.
I close on my condo in three weeks and one day. I'm pretty excited. I can't wait to start decorating and bringing my stuff down from NH. It's just where I want to be, too. Walking distance to the train, downtown Gloucester (!shopping!) and the park/beach.
My mother hates it and isn't speaking to me at the moment. She's pissed because it's a one bedroom and doesn't have any room for her to move in and (continue to) rule my life. The moral of the story: There isn't anything so sacred in life that your family can't ruin it for you. Or try to at least.
In closing, I ask all the women out there - Is there anything quite as nice as finding a bra that fits perfectly. On sale no less. Especially after wearing ones that don't fit. I seriously feel like a million bucks. It feels awesome. My girls feel all supported.
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... are "License Status: Active."
There will be much partying in the town of Berlin tonight.

Laurel, Registered Nurse
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Taking my boards tommorrow afternoon.
Needless to say I am sweating not only from the 95 degree weather and lack of air-conditioning, but also from abject terror.
For those who have never taken an NCLEX board exam before, I will set the stage for you:
At 2pm tomorrow I will walk into the PearsonVue testing center in Concord (after a 2+ hour drive), present my state-issued ID and my Authorization to Test. They will then make me empty my pockets, put all my belongings in a locker, fingerprint me, and then proceed to usher me into a cubicle where I will take a test that is anywhere from 75-250 questions depending on how dumb or smart I am. During those 75-250 questions, I will have a camera trained on me the entire time. If I want to pee, I will be fingerprinted in and out. When I am finally done, my computer screen will go blank (making me think I kicked a plug out of the wall or broke the computer). Then I, filled with despair, will trudge out to the lobby where I will be fingerprinted again and told to go home and wait for my results like a good little wannabe RN. But not before getting shitfaced at the local bar first.
Keep in mind I went through two years of college and thousands of dollars for this privelige. Not to mention the three hundred dollars it actually costs for the exam.
Wish me luck, please. I'm gonna need it.
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That was the longest three weeks of my life.

Evil clinical is done, the papers are done, the presentation is done, the FINAL is done. Either I've gone delusional, or I'm actually about to *graduate*. Holy shit. So next week we have the pinning ceremony and graduation, then I have vacation, then I have a week of work, THEN I go to the week-long NCLEX-RN prep course at St. Anselm's. And the the dreaded board exam.

I really didn't think I'd survive the last two years. Nursing school is nothing like any other major in the world. I spent four years on a Bachelor's Degree, but it never prepared me for the total, demoralizing, ass-kicking misery that is nursing school. I can't believe it's actually over. It's nice to be finished, but I know some of the people I've made friends with in the last two years will fade into the background as they move on to their new jobs. That part is kind of depressing. I've already applied at two hospitals, one local and a large hospital way downstate. The downstate hospital would be a great opportunity, but I don't know if I want to start over in a new town so soon.

Hopefully I'll be able to use the next week to engage in some of the leisure pursuits that I haven't been able to even think about in the past few weeks. I've already made my first batch of icons in over a month. Now I'd really like to get to work on continuing my BttF Marty/Doc fic, as well as write some small bit of Cliff/Fayt.
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Made it through two more days of clinical and all I have to show for it is fifteen pages worth of lab values and one very dirty pair of white pants.
I can't wait until I graduate. Did I mention that?
When I went into nursing I had no idea how much time I would be spending taking care of the terminally ill. Cancer, liver failure, renal failure, heart failure, all that shit. There's just something disturbing about talking about a "quality end-of-life experience" like you're buying a car or riding a rollercoaster. Or saying that someone's "having some anxiety concerning the end of his life." Wouldn't it be more appropriate to say they're scared shitless because they're gonna die?
I remember reading a form we fill out when we send medications back to the pharmacy. You have little boxes to check telling why you're sending it back. I remember box was labeled "expired." I thought they meant an expired drug. My super corrected me and said, no that box is for when the resident expires.
At work we always say people expire. People don't expire. Milk expires. People die.

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