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Hope all my peeps in the U.S. are having a bangin' Memorial Day weekend.

So today I am holed up inside, trying to avoid cleaning by staring at word documents and waiting for inspiration to strike. I am legit the slowest writer on the planet, as anyone who follows any of my fics can tell you. There have been so many times I have been tempted to just quit writing, but my latest fic is up to 22k 24k, and after that much work I'll be dipped in shit if I gave up now.

So I pounded out about 2k of porn yesterday, which is actually really good for me, so I should be feeling kinda good, but instead I'm in a funk.

We had our DPH survey at work a couple of weeks ago, and it didn't go too badly. My unit actually did very well. So now we can just get on with the business of running a nursing home without worrying about the big bad wolf coming and blowing our house in. Again, I should be feeling good.

The Bruins are going to the Eastern Conference Finals again, which is awesome, but makes me a little melancholic. My dad would have loved to see them wipe the ice with New York like they did last round. I still miss him and it's been ten years.

It's weird. I'm not actually depressed per se. It's just kind of a "bleh" attitude that comes from holing my antisocial ass inside all weekend and not having much human interaction.

All I can do is plow on, I guess. Beats the alternative.
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I have always had a hard time turning down even the worst of jobs. Probably d/t poor self-esteem and the assumption that I better settle for the first job I'm offered for fear that I'll never get offered anything better. This morning I had to say no to a managerial position. One that was way too far away and at a facility that appears incredibly poorly run, understaffed and horribly disorganized. The kind of place that makes you fear for your nursing license. Even if it was a tolerable facility, the distance I would have to travel everyday would make it untenable.

But. I. Need. A. Fucking. Job.

Like yesterday.

But I know that if I take something like the above that I will run myself into the ground. And when I quit or get canned because I bit off more than I can chew, then I might not even have the benefit of unemployment.

Had an interview for a different position right here in Gloucester last Friday. It was at a facility that is the total opposite of the aforementioned scary one. I'm hoping to get some kind of offer out of that.
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And now the Rival Employer has just upped their offer. Holy shit. I'll be making almost 30 bucks an hour on the weekends. And 3 bucks more per hour base rate.
I told myself I wasn't going to bail out on the job I already accepted. It's a wonderful job at a wonderful facility, just not a wonderful paycheck. But I don't know if I can justify going with a job that is not only not on the shift I want, but offering way less money. All because I was too hasty and accepted the first offer that met my minimum requirement.
And in burning them, I'm going to feel like the world's biggest asshole.
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I'm sure every person on my f-list is sick and tired of listening to me bitch about my employment woes. But that's still not going to stop me.

I just accepted a new job earlier this week. I really liked the facility, the staff and the director of nurses seemed great. I got a real positive vibe. This job looks like it would provide me with the challenges I have been lacking before now. The only drawback is that this job is evenings, while I ideally wanted days. That and the salary barely meets my minimum requirement, even when you factor in the shift differential.

Today I got a full-time offer for day shift at another facility for more money. The shift I want, the pay I want, but the facility is not as nice, and the people are not as nice. And I have yet to meet the director face to face, because it seems that dealing with prospective employees is beneath her. She's had me dealing with her assistants. Not a good sign. And it will be dealing with dementia patients, something I'm already tired of doing.

I've burned a prospective employer before by accepting a job and then days later changing my mind, and I felt horrible about it. But I can't help but think that I would be happier with a day shift job, and in the end, money is the bottom line.


Feb. 9th, 2007 01:51 pm
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My mission is to get so drunk tonight, that maybe I can forget the two horrible days I just had at work.

It is now over two months after I was given a bid on the evening shift, and I am still working 11-7.

Last night I pissed a supervisor off so bad, she reported me to the director of nursing, and I reported her too.

All I do is work and (try to) sleep.

I just need to survive two more weeks.

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