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Work is gradually getting better. My biggest goal now is to try and get out on time consistently and to not kill the 3-11 nurse I report off to. I don't know why, but she really doesn't like me. I'm told by some of the other staff that that's just her personality. Some people don't like anyone. I think she just has a very low tolerance for my rookie mistakes. But she can bite me. We all have to learn somewhere.

My uncle is going into the hospital tomorrow for a cardioversion and a pacemaker insertion. Being a man, of course he can't just admit that he's scared out of his wits about it (which he is). Instead he just goes into a fit of manly anger at the drop of a hat, venting to anyone nearby. In this respect, I think women have an easier lot. It's at least socially acceptable for us to cry and freak out and be scared. And who wouldn't be scared that their heart is basically going to be electrocuted for therapeutic reasons and then have wires poked into it. That being said, they're both fairly routine procedures.

I have company this weekend too, which is going to be tricky balancing my family obligations with my social ones, but I'll make it work. I'm just psyched to be having company, even considering the timing. It's still pretty lonely down here. Planning on going into the North End and introducing Darci to a Mike's Pastry cannoli in its natural habitat. We'll be close to the BI too, if they decide to release my uncle. If the two of us have to take a detour to pick him up at the hospital, oh well. Darci says she doesn't mind, and my uncle will have two nurses to escort him home.
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Went into Boston this afternoon, since I got gypped out of my Sunday. Went to NEAQ, gawked at the sea turtles and penguins. Bought a couple of books in the gift shop. One of them I started reading on the train ride home, The Life of Pi. It's really fantastic so far. Been totally sucked in. I'm typing fast so I can read some more before I have to go to bed. The other one is nonfiction on the decline of the New England fishing industry. I also went to see Deep Sea 3D at the IMAX for the second time. That's an awesome film. 3D has come a long way since I was a kid. You just haven't lived until you've had a giant jellyfish hurtling towards your face.

Barely had enough time to race down to Harvard Square to pick up the latest Love Mode before catching the train back. I'm a little disappointed that they didn't have the latest Kizuna. Probably'll have to order it. I wish someone could tell me when Paprika is coming out on DVD.

There was some fine eye candy on the subway back to North Station too. The guys in Boston are so much nicer to look at than the guys back in Berlin were. Plus, being sandwiched between a couple of them on an overcrowded subway car: fantastic!
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Maybe all I needed at work was for everyone to get out of my face and let me do it my way. I did my first day on my own (which I guess means I'm officially off orientation), and I can't say that it went too badly. Rather the opposite. I only got out about 45 minutes late, which isn't too bad considering all I had to do at the last minute. And everything got done.

I'm off this weekend. Think I'll probably take the train into Boston, go to NEAQ, maybe see what's at the IMAX. Maybe I'll go to Wagamama or Pho Pasteur in Cambridge. See if there are any new yaoi manga at Tokyo Kid. Do the kind of stuff I moved down here to do. Other than that, I'll just fart around the house, do laundry, and lurk around eljay.

Moving on

Oct. 22nd, 2007 08:46 pm
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Well, I finished at my old job, which was kind of hard (translation: I cried like a baby).
Sylvia came in on her day off and brought me a balloon and a cake and a blue monkey (don't ask). Everyone told me how much they were going to miss me, and what a good nurse they thought I was. I don't like to think of myself as egotistical, but it is really nice to hear that from the aides, especially. I know that nurses have to earn their respect.
I just have to hope I can carve myself out the same kind of place in my new job. I'm a little nervous, but I'm starting to get excited.

My uncle is pretty jazzed, too. He hasn't had any family living near him since we moved away when I was in 7th grade. Now I'll be living about 45 minutes away. My mother says I'll probably have him camped on my doorstep.

I'm pleased the Red Sox are going to the World Series. Hockey is really my sport of choice, but I'll generally root for Boston no matter what. Except for B.U. Period.

I just talked to my aforementioned friend from the previous post. We're coordinating the exchange of property through a third party, since she couldn't spare me 15 minutes. After I hung up the phone, I was just furious. I wanted to fucking punch someone, or call her back and bitch her out. Then I sat down, ate my supper, drank a sunkist, listened to some music, and practiced what my therapist used to teach me. Radical acceptance. This is what is, accept the situation and your feelings and move on. For once, it seems to have worked. You can't make people like you, and you can't change them, or their behavior.

Things change, I change and move on. And right now, I feel okay.
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NEAQ Giant Ocean Tank: http://www.neaq.org/webcams/index.php
I freaking love watching the ocean tank. Pretty soon I'll live within commuting distance to this puppy and can go whenever I want.


Jan. 7th, 2007 01:56 pm
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Here's a master list of all the cool shit I picked up in civilization on vacation:

From Tokyo Kid (in Harvard Square) I got:
Jazz Manga vols. 1-3
Parasite Eve Soundtrack
Space Channel 5 Soundtrack (OMFG I can't believe I found this on the shelves)

From Barnes & Noble (in Saugus) / Borders (in Concord) I got:
Bleach Manga vols.1-5 & 7-16 (I went to three stores and couldn't find vol. 6)
Loveless Manga vols. 1-3
Full Moon wo Sagashite vols 1-4, 6, & 7

From GameStop (in Saugus) I got:
Red Ninja for PS2

From the B's Pro Shop in Boston I got:
A set of Bruins dog tags
A new key chain
A replica of Ray Bourque's retired number

From Suncoast (in Peabody) I got:
In the Mouth of Madness (I love that movie!)

I have corrupted my friend Kayla even further. Not only have I turned her on to Playstation 2, now she's buying MANGA! *sobs* I'm so proud of her!

If anyone has a local Border's, they are selling their Viz manga (Bleach, FMA, etc.) for buy three get one free. It's sweet! I made out like a cheap bandit hooker.

And the Bruins won 4-3 Saturday against the abysmally-poor-this-year Flyers, though the Bruins did not exactly play a stellar game. They gave up odd-man rushes all over. And their defense looks like it could use some more talent or steroids or a blow job or something, because I was not impressed. They could have won by a larger margin. But a win is a win, expecially when you spent $60+ a piece for tix. So I'm happy.
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Going to Boston for the weekend, gonna take in the Bruins v. Flyers with a friend. Please god I hope the B's don't lose. Those tix are fucking expensive. I have high hopes, because Philadelphia sucks this year.

Got my copy of Katamari, and from what little I've been able to play, I can say this with authority: this game is a mite touched in the head. Me likee. There's something perversely enjoyable about rolling a giant ball made out of caramels, takoyaki, swans, road signs, thumbtacks, mice, people, kitty-cats, pachinko balls ....


Sleep, then work, then bye-bye Berlin.


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