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I go back to therapy tomorrow which honestly scares the shit out of me since I've been out of it so long. It was bad enough when I was going regularly; an hour a week of pathetic angsty whinging. Now I have to recap the epic fail that has been my life since I got out of the hospital months ago.

Meds still being adjusted, my concentration is completely fucked and I'm still depressed as all hell. I started the summer with two immediate relatives, and now only one is talking to me, although the blame for that sits squarely on both our shoulders. And it's probably for the best. My uncle is literally incapable of responding to frustration with anything but rage, and I don't need that right now. And he's better off not getting involved in my so-called-angsty-life as it stands right now.

My mother, on the other hand, is trying. But she has no clue. And she doesn't really want to have one, either. She'll sit there and tell me how dumb it was to go in the hospital in the first place. Despite the fact that if I hadn't gone, I very probably wouldn't be alive to type this pathetic, self-pitying bitchrant of a post.

To recap: FML.

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I'm still sick. Had to call into work last night. My voice keeps going out on me, and I'm still coughing up a lung.

That didn't stop me from finishing both Space Channel 5 games over the holiday. Now I'm searching for the SC5 part two soundtracks. If anyone knows where I can get them, (originals, burned copies, anything) do tell. I'm desperate for that music. Thank you [livejournal.com profile] purple_chan ^_____^

I broke down and ordered a copy of Katamari Damashi. It was the description that did it for me. Someone called it "cracked" and "obviously a product of mixing drugs and alcohol." Sounds like my kind of game.


Dec. 16th, 2006 04:31 pm
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After a trip to Berlin's picturesque emergency department, I have a strained trapezius, a prescription for flereril and the night off.

Damn, but my neck f***ing hurts. And I feel bad about calling in, but I don't think they want me dispensing medications to someone's grandma while hopped up on muscle relaxants. I suppose it's an accomplishment making it through last night and not leaving early.

And I think I've heard the words "Is this workman's comp?" about fifteen times this morning.
Touchy, touchy.
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But as far as they go, the Emergency Department in this town isn't that bad. Figures I have to be a patient to get to the ED, since my instructor won't send me there for clinical. At least I've discovered one doctor in this town who *isn't* and asshole.
So, armed with my Septra and Pyridium and three Lindt truffles I got from the drugstore, I'm take the day OFF. F*ck the papers, f*ck studying, I'm sitting down to eat chocolate, watch some shonen-ai and then write some Marty/Doc (or at least try to).
Speaking of shounen-ai, Gakuen Heaven is being subbed by aarinfantasy. It's a very cute and campy new boy's love anime that reminds me slightly of Sukisyo. I highly recommend. Also of note, aarinfantasy has teamed up with Jelly Team to sub Princess Princess. I'm not sure if this show is shounen-ai or not, but it does involve a lot of pretty boys cross-dressing. Can't go wrong with that.
And, contrary to what I thought would happen, AK/AO has *finally* put out KKM 62.
So my weekend wasn't *all* bad.
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Too Much Information under the cut )
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I spent my day at the Alzheimer's respite center and actually had a damn good time. We made paper mache balloons and played the world's longest game of yahtzee (sp?). I love old folks. They're a trip.
I'm dog sick with another cold and have an exam on abnormal obstetrics tomorrow. And if anyone remembers my bitching last year, I freaking hate OB. And then I get to take a three hour standardized NLN psych nursing exam. And then I get to go play with my therapist.
Yeah, I'm being whiny. But sick people are entitled, ne?
*goes fishing for cold pills again*
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... I turn into a big ol' honkin bi-yatch.
Just warning you.
I so looking forward to trying to work all night with one of those masks on my face. I'll probably pass out ... again.
I have the day off tomorrow, and I think I'll use it to sleep, look for some new anime to DL ... and sleep some more.
Speaking of series, does anyone know a good RABURESU fic. In particular one where Soubi makes Ritsuka's ears fall off (I'm a sick girl, I know). I've been looking since I started watching the series, and haven't been able to find squat.
Actually, what I *have* to do is work on my fics. I've gotten such good reviews on my Roy/Ed, I'd have to be an ungrateful bitch not to keep going with it.
Ooh! I just spoted a shiny Hotohori/Miaka fic.
Bai bai.
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Atashi no karada wa daijobu ja nai.
And I have to go to work tonight. I feel like my head's gonna explode and my throat feels like it's swelling shut.
Currently watching ... my life pass me by ... and Beck. Not a bad show so far. Good music, and the English in it actually sound's like it was spoken by Americans. Jury is still out on the plot.
I just saw an ad for a new Japanese horror movie on DVD. The Locker. Anyone seen this? It looks pretty cool to me. A little conventional-looking compared to Ringu and Ju-on, but not bad.
Ja ne.

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