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Taking my boards tommorrow afternoon.
Needless to say I am sweating not only from the 95 degree weather and lack of air-conditioning, but also from abject terror.
For those who have never taken an NCLEX board exam before, I will set the stage for you:
At 2pm tomorrow I will walk into the PearsonVue testing center in Concord (after a 2+ hour drive), present my state-issued ID and my Authorization to Test. They will then make me empty my pockets, put all my belongings in a locker, fingerprint me, and then proceed to usher me into a cubicle where I will take a test that is anywhere from 75-250 questions depending on how dumb or smart I am. During those 75-250 questions, I will have a camera trained on me the entire time. If I want to pee, I will be fingerprinted in and out. When I am finally done, my computer screen will go blank (making me think I kicked a plug out of the wall or broke the computer). Then I, filled with despair, will trudge out to the lobby where I will be fingerprinted again and told to go home and wait for my results like a good little wannabe RN. But not before getting shitfaced at the local bar first.
Keep in mind I went through two years of college and thousands of dollars for this privelige. Not to mention the three hundred dollars it actually costs for the exam.
Wish me luck, please. I'm gonna need it.


May. 19th, 2006 08:10 am
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My boss came in at 11PM to work last night just as we were coming on and presented my with this huge, totally yummy, totally chocolate cake with little candy graduation hats all over it and a big flag sticking out that says "You made it!!" I damn near cried. And it wasn't even her night to work!! She came in on her night off to give it to me! That is so cool. *sniffle*

We had the pinning on Wednesday and my favorite instructor, the one who I had pin me) gave me a card. When I opened it up, 25 bucks fell out! That time I really did cry. And she wouldn't even let me buy her a drink! *sniffle again*

So we all officially graduate tonight, and there's tons of parties I can't go to because I have to babysit my uncle and make sure he and my mom don't rip each other apart. Oh well. I get to go to Kim's big party at the Town & Country on Saturday. And I'm hoping to sneak out long enough to put in an appearance at ****'s surprise party tonight.
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That was the longest three weeks of my life.

Evil clinical is done, the papers are done, the presentation is done, the FINAL is done. Either I've gone delusional, or I'm actually about to *graduate*. Holy shit. So next week we have the pinning ceremony and graduation, then I have vacation, then I have a week of work, THEN I go to the week-long NCLEX-RN prep course at St. Anselm's. And the the dreaded board exam.

I really didn't think I'd survive the last two years. Nursing school is nothing like any other major in the world. I spent four years on a Bachelor's Degree, but it never prepared me for the total, demoralizing, ass-kicking misery that is nursing school. I can't believe it's actually over. It's nice to be finished, but I know some of the people I've made friends with in the last two years will fade into the background as they move on to their new jobs. That part is kind of depressing. I've already applied at two hospitals, one local and a large hospital way downstate. The downstate hospital would be a great opportunity, but I don't know if I want to start over in a new town so soon.

Hopefully I'll be able to use the next week to engage in some of the leisure pursuits that I haven't been able to even think about in the past few weeks. I've already made my first batch of icons in over a month. Now I'd really like to get to work on continuing my BttF Marty/Doc fic, as well as write some small bit of Cliff/Fayt.
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... at least until I decide to go for my master's degree. Now if I can survive the 60 minute presentation I'm supposed to give on Tuesday next, I'll really be in good shape. Problem is, it's a group project. And I'm sure everyone who's ever gone to school (primary, secondary or postsecondary) can relate to my loathing of group projects.

It's not even that one person works harder or is lazier than the other. it's that two different people have two different definitions of "preparedness." When it comes to my grades, I'm not exactly a "wing it" kind of gal. Unfortunately for me, my partner is. That's why I'm sitting here sweating bullets right now.

As you might surmise from the fact that I'm actually posting for the first time in a week, my computer is in working order again. Now I'm getting down to the serious business of rebuilding the anime collection I lost during the crash. I'm trying to get my FMA, KKM and Blood+ episodes back up to date so I can burn them all off. And then I'll get started on Bleach. If only my music collection was as easy to repair.

If I live through the upcoming presentation and final, I can cut loose some of the BTTF and Star Ocean (Cliff/Fayt) plot bunnies that have been rampaging through my brain and undermining my studiousness.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go set fire to my school scrubs and dance with joy as the ugly blue-and-white fuckers BUUUUUUUUURN!
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I spent my day at the Alzheimer's respite center and actually had a damn good time. We made paper mache balloons and played the world's longest game of yahtzee (sp?). I love old folks. They're a trip.
I'm dog sick with another cold and have an exam on abnormal obstetrics tomorrow. And if anyone remembers my bitching last year, I freaking hate OB. And then I get to take a three hour standardized NLN psych nursing exam. And then I get to go play with my therapist.
Yeah, I'm being whiny. But sick people are entitled, ne?
*goes fishing for cold pills again*
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I just spent the last two days on in a locked psychiatric unit. As a student nurse, not as a patient. @_@
God, that was depressing. I still think it's a field that I might want to work in, but to see twenty-something kids who have completely lost grip with reality is so ... unsettling. To know that a lot of these people will never get to have a normal life, and will spent their lives never knowing an education or the fulfillment of making a living for themselves. To know that the best they can hope for is *not* to kill themselves in a fit of paranoid terror, and the worst they can hope for is suicide or permenant incarceration in a state hospital. That's frankly pretty f*cking depressing.
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I just wanted to tell the world at large that I passed my exam this week with a 90%.

Not only that, I managed to survive two days of clinical, did my first blood transfusion, my first central line dressing change and pushed/hung more IV meds than I could shake a stick at.

So tommorrow I may go back to being shit, but for today, I am THE shit.
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For those who have never been to nursing school, let me enlighten you as to the true nature of clinical rotations:

It's like being smothered in honey and then buried up to your neck in a fire-ant hill. It's like being boiled in oil and then dipped in salt all the time with an instructor critiquing whether you scream in pitch or not. It's trying to dispense potentially lethal medications while trying to remember your five rights, your ABC's, your CPR, your R&R's, and your ABG's. All with a teacher breathing down your neck. All while wearing a *really* stupid outfit.

All I wanna do is sleep. And then study for the test I have coming up on Wednesday. Instead I'm gonna lie awake half the night stressing about my day tomorrow. And tomorrow night I'll lie awake stressing about the exam. And then I'll have one whole night off before I have to go to work for the weekend.

If that wasn't bad enough, a dozen Yuuram plot bunnies have nested in my brain, but I don't have time to write anything more than this self-pitying bitchrant. And god forbid I do spend time one anything other than schoolwork, then I feel guilty about it. I can't wait until I graduate and all I have to worry about is going to work and not killing my family members in a fit of repressed rage.

*deep breath*


nite nite.
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That is the worst test grade I've gotten in two years of nursing school. This sucks. But at least it's over. And technically (but only technically), I passed.
Now I can move onto more important things, like beta-reading that Roy/Ed fic that's been sitting on my desktop for three days. And working on my next [livejournal.com profile] wordclaim50 fic. It's *gasp* D/T and involves the word 'wedding.'
...When did I become such a fluffy-schmooze whore?
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I'm posting this from microbiology in my palm pilot. I'm way more jazzed about that than I should be. This is far more interersting than the epstein-barr virus.
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Things I would rather do than spend two days at clinical:

1. Step on a rusty nail
2. Get a root canal
3. Get tied to a chair and forced to watch a "Touched by an Angel" marathon
4. Work 5 days straight (hey at least I get paid for that.)
5. Be barred from reading Yaoi fic for a week
6. Be forced to read Buffy/Angel fics instead (and if anyone says that ain't so bad, you don't know me!)
7. Listen to rap music
8. Sit through two eight hour days of microbiology lecture
9. Spend two days with my insulting uncle who can't understand why I can't be anorexic again because I "looked so good back then"
10. Spend two days staring at a blank word processor page becuse I have writer's block (oh wait, I did that last weekend)
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Made it through two more days of clinical and all I have to show for it is fifteen pages worth of lab values and one very dirty pair of white pants.
I can't wait until I graduate. Did I mention that?
When I went into nursing I had no idea how much time I would be spending taking care of the terminally ill. Cancer, liver failure, renal failure, heart failure, all that shit. There's just something disturbing about talking about a "quality end-of-life experience" like you're buying a car or riding a rollercoaster. Or saying that someone's "having some anxiety concerning the end of his life." Wouldn't it be more appropriate to say they're scared shitless because they're gonna die?
I remember reading a form we fill out when we send medications back to the pharmacy. You have little boxes to check telling why you're sending it back. I remember box was labeled "expired." I thought they meant an expired drug. My super corrected me and said, no that box is for when the resident expires.
At work we always say people expire. People don't expire. Milk expires. People die.
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Just got my DVD of Bowie's Reality tour last night. Wow, that's some great music. The videography gives me hives, though. Apparently they didn't get the memo that you can stay on a shot for more that two and a half seconds. It was like watching the opening of The Real World for two hours, only with infinitely better music. And all those strobes and pixelations and various other obnoxious effects were so overused. It really pissed me off, because it would have been the best concert video of all time if it weren't for that. Damn, that man is good live.

Moving on ...

Woohoo! 89 on my nursing unit exam. Looks like I may make it through my senior year after all. If I can pass micro, that is. Speaking of which, I spent my morning trudging through the six inches of melting snow over at Jericho Lake so I could get a test tube of water that may or may not contain coliform bacteria.

And I'm gonna miss Riverfire becuase I have to work. I was looking forward to that, too. Nummy pumpkin pie and watching the little kids get the pee scared out of them by the haunted house. I have no talent for dressing up, so I like to live vicariously through everyone else's cool costumes.
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God this weather makes me wanna crawl into bed and get out in time to vote in the next presidential election, but not before. Rainy, cold, windy, gray and other unflattering adjectives.

And work sucks. All the residents are sick with the cold. And last night there was two aides and me to take care of fifty people. Even the non-healthcare person has to see something wrong with that: fifty people who want cough syrup with only one person to pass it to them. It doesn't take a rocket scientist. My cool boss is back though. Maybe now all the idiots will stop talking smack about the poor woman when she's not around. None of them have the balls to say anything to her face.

I have a big honking exam on coronary artery disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic bronchitis coming up this week, and I just can't seem to motivate myself to get to studying. I'd rather play radiata stories or write senseless analytical essays on various shounen-ai series. Actually, I wouldn't have to study as much if I didn't spend half my classtime writing senseless analytical essays on various shounen-ai series. I'll have to post my detailed dissertation on the "hotel room scene" from the Mirage of Blaze OVA sometime. It's MoB's fault I missed half of the COPD lecture. Naoe/Takaya has invaded my brain. And it's LOVELESS' fault I missed my CAD lecture. I was too freaking busy writing a rambling essay on why episode 12 sucked and how they could've made it something that didn't make their most dedicated fans want to retch. Okay, I 'm being a little harsh. It had its okay points, but by and large it was craptacular.

Oh, well. I have to go try and make my dogs poop in the pouring rain now.

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