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I took the management job. Which means I am now am having a general, all-purpose feak-out that I actually took the management job. But trying to put my best face forward and think positive for once in my life. If anyone sees a puff of smoke over the North Shore of Massachusetts, it means I spontaneously combusted from the effort.

The weekend off is a very welcome thing, even though I'm working on Christmas proper. Here's hoping for a quiet holiday night. And after that I go on day shift. Sleep, how I've missed you.

Lastly ...

Happy Holidays from the city of fish sticks, drunken sailors and Saint Peter )
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Title: Blood of Old Supplications
Author: [livejournal.com profile] akainagi
Rating/Warnings/Spoilers: PG-13 (language), Spoilers for XI
Fandom/Pairing/Prompt: Star Trek AOS, Kirk/McCoy, Prompt: Earth
Disclaimer: Alas, I do not own Star Trek.
Summary: You think you have time. But, really, you only have now. There is now a sequel: "Happy Hour of Assault and the Kiss."
Author's Note: The title is from the Pablo Neruda poem "So That You Will Hear Me"

Give the kid a captaincy - of the flagship no less - and he runs and hides. )
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... is the only fandom that slashes whole countries.

by cloiegirl112 on deviantart


Sep. 17th, 2012 10:00 pm
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Poor Roy. No sex for you.
And Hawkeye's all WTF?!?

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An 8am phone call, complete with yelling, tears and recrimination. And I haven't even had my goddamn coffee yet. This family sucks. It really, really does.

More appointments this week than I can count, and one very looooooong job interview. And I'm so out of practice with bullshitting. I sat there smiling like a moron and acting all peppy when all I really wanted to do was grab the interviewer by the front of the shirt and yell why the hell do you think I want this job? It's a fucking JOB.

Got a call from the Obama people at about nine-o-clock at night. And that was about the only group of people who could solicit me at that time of night (or any other time, really) and not receive an earfull of profanity and a dial tone. They want help carpooling up to New Hampshire to do canvassing. And god help me, I'm actually considering it. Although after the phone call this morning I've decided that (at least in my head), it's no longer called New Hampshire. It is now The-Unfortunate-State-That-My-Crazy-Asshole-Mother-Happens-To-Inhabit.

One good thing - the viewing party over at T'Lara's Cinema of Squee is Amok Time this week. I need to stock up on a 12-pack to get through the drinking game. Actually, there might not be enough booze in Gloucester to get me through that episode (and if there's one thing Gloucester has plenty of, it's booze). Why do I need so much beer for one episode? This would be why:

note:I didn't make this (but I wish I had)

So all Spirk fans check it out at 4pm tomorrow and celebrate K/S day. I think TV was invented for the express purpose of showing this episode. That and so we might all see the glory of Kirk in those red tights. I want to build a religion around his ass in those tights. In fact, next time the Jehova's Witnesses come to my door, I'm going to tell them all about it.
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Okay. That was cute. Really cute.

Spoilers of KKM 78 )

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